Unbreakable Mindset

016: Pivot to Happiness!

March 8, 2022
This episode is all about focusing on the positives, and attracting more positives through our flow of energy.  The last couple of years have been testing, and if we sit and watch too much news coverage, we can be left feeling somewhat deflated.  During the session, Jude reminds us to control and limit the time we're exposed to negative influences, and reflect on all the awesome things we have in our lives.  
Here's a link to the bonus episode that Jude refers to, which runs through how her and her friends carry out their gratitude ritual:  https://unbreakablemindset.podbean.com/e/006-practising-gratitude-ritual-bonus-new-year-s-day-episode/

Jude Daunt is a world-renowned Mindset Coach, the Founder of Unbreakable Mindset Method® and over the years has coached thousands of people including High Profile and celebrity clients all over the world

In this Podcast, Jude will share with you her pivotal teachings as well as Guests sharing their experiences of Manifestations so you can hear real-life examples of mind shifts that manifest goals into the real world. 

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If you want to go deeper and do powerful mindset work, the Unbreakable Mindset Method® teaches you how to gain control of your thoughts, internal reprogramming, overcome your childhood blueprint,  regain your self worth, to overcome your anxiety triggers, manifestation,  self-awareness, the ability to think bigger than your current reality but most of all, to be happy. This is Judes signature 1-1 programme where you will work together for around 4 months to transform your mindset and your current reality https://www.judedauntcoaching.co.uk/personal-coaching/


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